Tent Size

The size of tent depends on the type of function i.e. ceremony, sit-down reception, etc., what is going under the tent, and the space available to set up the tent. To get a basic idea of the size please refer to the Tent Sizing Chart. These are only general calculations and it is recommended that you contact our tent rental consultant to determine the tent size best suited for your specific requirements.


Seating Chart

20'x20'       Seats 32 guests

20'x40'       Seats 64 guests

40'x40'       Seats 96 guests

40'x60'       Seats 120 guests

40'x80'       Seats 168 guests

40'x100'     Seats 184 guests

40'x120'     Seats 240 guests   


• Guest seated at round tables – 12 sq. ft. per person
• Guest seated at banquet tables – 10 sq. ft. per person
• Theater seating or standing – 4 sq ft. per person
• Guest standing with some small tables – 8 sq. ft. per person
• Head table – 20 sq. ft. per person
• Buffet Table – 100 sq. ft.
• 4’ round cake, beverage or guest book table – 50 sq. ft.
• 5’ round cake or guest book table – 75 sq. ft.
• Gift Table – 100 sq. ft.
• Bar – 150 sq. ft.
• Band – 30 sq. ft. per person
• Band – 30 sq. ft. per person
• Dance Floor – 4 sq. ft. per person


Custom Layout


Contact us today for a custom layout.


String Lights  $40.00

7 Watt Bulbs spaced 12" apart Male & Female Plug making ends connectable. 

Quick, easy  way to light up your tent for any event!

40 Ft Length

$1.00 Per Foot

$1.00 Per Foot Installation 


Heavy Duty Cafe Lights
54 ft $65.00    106 Ft $85.00

11 Watt Bulbs spaced 24" apart. The strands are not end  to end connectable. 

 54 ft. long or 106 ft. long.

The 54 ft. length has 24 medium based sockets with a 6’ lead from the male plug to the first socket giving you 48 ft. of light.

The 106 ft. length has 50 medium based sockets with a 6’ lead from the male plug to the first socket giving you 100 ft. of light.

Recommended maximum run per circuit: 840 watts

54 ft long strand – maximum wattage 25 watts per socket

106 ft long strand – maximum wattage 15 watts per socket


Ring Lights       $60.00

Ring Lights attach to tent  center poles in seconds—no

tools required. Durable, dimmable and dependable! 75 Watt Bulbs


Chandeliers     $100.00

includes (hanging arm and mounting bracket)

This chandelier takes classic design and o ers its own unique, modern twist.

Characterized by its long, sweeping arms, it o ers a clean look while remaining

fresh and exciting. The Tannery Bronze nish over its hand-wrought steel frame

includes 6 candelabra based sockets & weighs 8.5 lbs. Use up to 60 watt bulbs

per socket. Dimensions: 25” W X 25” H


White Extension Cords

25'     $  5.00

50'     $10.00

100    $20.00



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