Tent Size

The size of tent depends on the type of function i.e. ceremony, sit-down reception, etc., what is going under the tent, and the space available to set up the tent. To get a basic idea of the size please refer to the Tent Sizing Chart. These are only general calculations and it is recommended that you contact our tent rental consultant to determine the tent size best suited for your specific requirements.


Seating Chart

20'x20'       Seats 32 guests

20'x40'       Seats 64 guests

40'x40'       Seats 96 guests

40'x60'       Seats 120 guests

40'x80'       Seats 168 guests

40'x100'     Seats 184 guests

40'x120'     Seats 240 guests   


• Guest seated at round tables – 12 sq. ft. per person
• Guest seated at banquet tables – 10 sq. ft. per person
• Theater seating or standing – 4 sq ft. per person
• Guest standing with some small tables – 8 sq. ft. per person
• Head table – 20 sq. ft. per person
• Buffet Table – 100 sq. ft.
• 4’ round cake, beverage or guest book table – 50 sq. ft.
• 5’ round cake or guest book table – 75 sq. ft.
• Gift Table – 100 sq. ft.
• Bar – 150 sq. ft.
• Band – 30 sq. ft. per person
• Band – 30 sq. ft. per person
• Dance Floor – 4 sq. ft. per person


Custom Layout


Contact us today for a custom layout.


Suggested Square Dance Floor Rental Sizes

Small 144 sq. feet 12' x 12' 72 guests / 36 dancers
Medium 225 sq. feet 15' x 15' 112 guests / 56 dancers
Large 324 sq. feet 18' x 18' 162 guests / 81 dancers
X-Large 441 sq. feet 21' x 21' 220 guests / 110 dancers

Suggested Rectangle Dance Floor Rental Sizes

Small 135 sq. feet 9' x 15' 66 guests / 33 dancers
Medium 216 sq. feet 12' x 18' 108 guests / 54 dancers
Large 315 sq. feet 15' x 21' 120 guests / 60 dancers
X-Large 432 sq. feet 18' x 24' 216 guests / 108 dancers


When considering a Bustini's Event Rentals dance floor rental don't just consider price, consider quality. Our dance floors for rent are of the highest quality. No broken or missing parts. We're a family owned and operated business, and we take pride in what we do: dance floor rentals!

All of our dance floors can be installed indoors or outdoors. We can also customize your dance floor rental to any floor size!




Dance Floors 

Item Description Price
Dance floor,parquet, 3′ x 3′ sections 2.00/sq.ft
Dance floor,Plastic,Rola Trac, 12″x12″ pieces 1.70/sq.ft
Risers, 4′ x 8′ sections, rubber, 12″ high 80.50 ea

To place an order please complete the following steps:

1. Go to the Contact tab at http://www.kingstonpartyrentals.com/contact.html

2. Complete the form and answer all questions. For required items & amounts please list the size, shape, colour and quantity of the items you are referring to. If you are unsure about which size you will need please let us know and we can help you.


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To place an order by email:

We prefer that all of our orders are processed via email or contact form. This ensures we have a record of the order. Providing as much detail as possible in the beginning will help us respond to your request more efficiently.

When emailing please include the following details:
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Please list the items and quantities you are looking to rent along with their size, colour and shape when applicable:
(Ex: 2 – 6’ Rectangular Tables, 10 Black Folding Chairs)
If you are ordering linens please tell us the size of the tables you need to cover and the required length:

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