Kingston Linen Rentals

ssssWelcome To Bustini's Event Rentals Linen Page. We offer a wide areange of tablecloths and we are located in Kingston , Ontario. With over 10 years’ experience serving the Kingston Region, We offer prompt quotes and competitive pricing. We service events such as weddings,  trade shows, festivals, social events and much more. Our Kingston Table Rental payment options and plans. We accept all major credit cards.

We offer tablecloths  in various sizes and shapes. Spandex covers, for cruiser/cocktail tables, can quickly enhance the look and feel of your special event. We have all the table accessories such as table number holders, breadbaskets, water pitchers and much more. We offer tablecloths for  round and rectangular that our durable, heavy duty, that will more than cover your needs, all in elegant and tasteful styles. Our standard linens come in a selection of sizes to suit any size table, from an intimate small arrangement to a larger setting for the whole party. Pick from our loose hanging tablecloths styles as well as fitted spandex tablecloths.



Tablecloth, rectangular120″ x 50″, white

$8.00 each

Tablecloth, rectangular 120″ x 50″, ivory

$8.00 each 



Tablecloth, 6’ Fitted  white floor length

$13.00 each

Tablecloth, 8’ Fitted  white floor length

$14.00 each 

Tablecloth,90″x156″,white floor length banquet

$15.00 each

Tablecloth,90″x156″,ivory floor length banquet

$15.00 each

Tablecloth,90″x132″,white floor length banquet

$13.00 each

Tablecloth  6’ Fitted Black Spandex

$13.00 each

Tablecloth  8’ Fitted Black Spandex

$14.00 each



Tablecloth, round, 108″, white

$10.00 each 

Tablecloth, round, 108″, ivory

$10.00 each 

Tablecloth, round, 108″, black

$10.00 each

Tablecloth, round, 120″, white

$13.00 each 

Tablecloth, round, 120″, silver

$13.00 each

Tablecloth, round, 120″, ivory

$13.00 each 

Tablecloth, round  60” White Spandex

$13.00 each

Tablecloth  White Cruiser Spandex

$12.00 each 

Tablecloth  Black Cruiser Spandex

$12.00 each



Table Skirting White 13’ Sections With Clips

$26.00 each

Overlays Pin Tuck   red,purple,black,navy,gold,silver,

$5.00 each 

Napkins 20″X20″     red,purple,black,white,ivory,pink,yellow,

$0.50 each 



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50 x 120" Rectangular Tablecloth


• Universal for six and eight foot tables.

• overhangs 10" on standard 30" wide tables

• overhangs 24" on each end six foot tables

• overhangs 12" on each end six foot table





6' & 8' Fitted Tablecloth

• Drapes standard 6 & 8 foot  table to the floor.

• store un used items underneath tables.

• creates a stunning look for decor tables.

• offered at a great rate on our website.


120" Round Tablecloth

• Drapes 60" round tables to the floor

• most commonly used for round tables

• edges are folded them hemmed

• overhangs 12" on each end six foot table




• Available in various colors

• Standard 20" x 20" Size

• Finished Edges

• Polyester material





Table Skirting

• Drapes any table to the floor.

• clips are inclusive.

• creates a stunning look for decor tables.

• 13' Sections available.


Round Spandex

• Perfect for cruiser tables

• we offer in both white and black for Cruisers

• covers up table legs

• gives your event that unique feel


Round spandex 5'

Rectangular Spandex

• only available for 6' and 8' tables.

•only available in black.

• offers unique feel to any event.

• great rates on large orders