Looking to feed a large crowd Keep your food hot!

cateringequipmentAt Bustini’s we understand the importance of parties that won’t break the bank. That’s why we are offering a number of ways to carry, cater, serve or cook food right on site at your event. Browse our selection of heavy-duty stainless steel chafers and bbq’s to find the perfect way to bring food or cook food at your event. We also offer heavy-duty cambros to keep your food hot and your drinks cold.Click on the item for more details. More…

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4' Barbecue


Roll Top Chafer




Standard Chafer


Serving Tray

$7.00 Large               $5.00 Small



Table Top Burner


Stock Pot

$15.00 Large $10.00 Small

Chaffer Fuel


Deep Fryer

deep fryer rental kingston


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6' Barbecue




Item Description Price
Safe-chafe, 6 hrs. fuel 5.00 ea
Chafer, rectangular with full insert 21.90 ea
Chafer, round with full insert 21.90 ea
Chafer, oval with full insert 21.90 ea
Chafer, elegant rectangular with insert 28.80 ea
Chafer, elegant round with insert 28.80 ea
Extra inserts, 4″, 2.5″ or split 6.30 ea
Soup warmer, cooker 11 qt  w/ladle 23.00 ea
Stock pots, 10 qt, 12 qt 11.50 ea
Stock pots, 16 qt, 18 qt,  32 qt,  48 qt 17.30 ea
Stock pots, 64 qt 23.00 ea
Cake pans (round or square) 8″,10″,12″,14″ 5.80 ea




Item Description Price
Charcoal B.B.Q. with grill, 5’x2′ 97.80 ea
Charcoal B.B.Q. with rotisserie, 5’x2′ Holds 70lbs 143.80 ea
B.B.Q. tongs, spatulas 2.30 ea
Propane B.B.Q. with grill, NEW 5’x 2′ 184.00 ea
Propane B.B.Q. GRIDDLE-Professional, NEW 30″x 2′ 40.30 ea
Propane cylinders, 20 lb 40.30 ea

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