All reservations require signature and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.  These policies are in place to protect our customers, our inventory, and our business. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at: 1-613-929-7779 and we will be happy to assist.


· All reservations require a minimum 50% deposit, valid credit card, and signature of confirmation.

· Balance in full  due upon pick-up or prior to delivery

· Failure to make payment arrangements for delivered items or third party pickups will result in full payment  to credit card noted on file.

· Reservations made within cancellation period are subject to100% deposit.

· Bustini’s  Event Rentals a division of Bustini’s Catering Incorporatedreserves the right to process credit cards on file for: payments due, missing items, damaged items not covered by waiver, cleaning fees, unscheduled delivery and/or labor, and cancellations made outside of conditional terms.


· Order adjustments may be permitted by account holders only; third party adjustments will not be accepted.

· All events require a minimum 30 days cancellation notice.

· A minimum 3 days notice is required for a request for order increase.

· Increases to an order require 3-days notice.


· Clients are 100% responsible for all damage occurring outside of warehouse or delivery trucks and are 100% accountable for items transferred to third party participants.

· Damage occurring due to negligence, theft or willful intent, are not covered by the waiver.

· All damaged items must be returned as proof of damage; if not returned, items will be considered missing and may be subject to replacement fees. Items not suitable/safe for return must be noted at the time of order return.

· In the event that the damage waiver is declined, Bustini’s  Event Rentals a division of Bustini’s Catering Incorporatedreserves full right to charge credit card on file (without notice) for replacement or repair of items.


· Missing items are not covered by the damage waiver and are subject to replacement costs.

· Bustini’s  Event Rentals a division of Bustini’s Catering Incorporatedreserves the right to charge credit card on file for missing items not returned

· In the event of missing items, administration will make a courtesy call, send an invoice via mail, and honor a grace period of 14 days prior to charging the credit card on file.

· Items missing due to breakage must be noted at the time of order return.

· Reimbursement for returned missing items will be at the discretion of Bustinis Party Rentals if returned within 90days of event rental.

· Additional rental costs apply for all items not returned at end of reservation period.


· Dishware, cutlery, glassware, and food prep items must be scraped and packed into appropriate bins/boxes/bags for return; cleaning and maintenance of these items is included in rental costs.

· Linens must be shaken out and bundled into the mesh bags provided.

· All other items are subject to cleaning and maintenance fees if returned in dirty or wet condition.

· All returned items are assessed by inventory controllers. If cleaning or maintenance is required, an invoice for time/labor used will be created and charged to credit card noted on file.

· In the event that a cleaning deposit is taken during reservation, the deposit will be returned only after the items have been reviewed and deemed ‘clean’ by inventory controllers. If cleaning is required, the deposit will be kept in lieu of cleaning fees. The customer may be charged additional fee’s and/or charges if items returned in extremely poor or non-typical conditions.


· All out of Kingston deliveries will be subject to $0.50 per km surcharge


· Bustini’s  Event Rentals a division of Bustini’s Catering Incorporated  will not be liable for any loss, expenses, penalties, damages, costs or personal injuries, including death, suffered by anyone by reason of operation, handling, transportation, or use of rental equipment.

· Bustini’s  Event Rentals a division of Bustini’s Catering Incorporatedis not the manufacturer, representative, nor the agent for manufacturing; no warranties are given, expressed, or implied as to the design, quality, capacity, and/or suitability of the product a renter may rent  and use.


· All deliveries are subject to a fuel surcharge at any time leading up to event date.

· Time requests are not guaranteed; clients may request morning or afternoon deliveries only. (morning 9:00–1:00pm, afternoon 1:00pm-5:00pm)

· After-hour delivery requests are subject to additional fees and staff availability.

· Delivery fees only covers tailgate drop-off and pick up and do not cover set-up or tear-down.

· All items must be stacked and ready for loading prior to return pick-up.

· Labor requests must be made prior to delivery of items (such as: set-up, additional lifting/carrying). Requests made at the site will not be guaranteed and will be subject to additional charges .

· Bustini’s  Event Rentals a division of Bustini’s Catering Incorporatedreserves the right to terminate or decline delivery due to site restrictions, dangers, or other concerns not previously noted by client.

· Full charges will apply (for both rentals and delivery) if drivers are unable to gain access to site.

· Undisclosed or incidental site dangers (including structural, animal, or human threat) are subject to full rental costs and all applicable fees

· In the event of cancellations due to extreme weather conditions, reimbursement will be at the discretion of Bustini Party Rentals.

To place an order please complete the following steps:

1. Go to the Contact tab at

2. Complete the form and answer all questions. For required items & amounts please list the size, shape, colour and quantity of the items you are referring to. If you are unsure about which size you will need please let us know and we can help you.



To place an order by email:

We prefer that all of our orders are processed via email or contact form. This ensures we have a record of the order. Providing as much detail as possible in the beginning will help us respond to your request more efficiently.

When emailing please include the following details:
Full Name (First & Last):
Phone Number:
E-mail address:
If you require delivery please provide address:
The date & time you would like your items delivered:
The date of your event:
The date & time you would like your items picked up:
If you do not require delivery & are planning to pick up:

(Note: Our hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday & 11am to 3pm Saturday & Sunday).

Please list the items and quantities you are looking to rent along with their size, colour and shape when applicable:
(Ex: 2 – 6’ Rectangular Tables, 10 Black Folding Chairs)
If you are ordering linens please tell us the size of the tables you need to cover and the required length:

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